Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Art of Earl Oliver Hurst

I learned about Earl Oliver Hurst from Shane Glines (another artist I adore)
Hurst worked around the 30's and the 40's, especially for Collier's Weekly magazine.
at the time illustration was more widely used then today from commercials to story illustration and magazine covers, he did them all. i wish this time never ended, when photography took over the medium of printed graphic art died. when i went to study graphic design, I imagined my self doing things like Earl Oliver Hurst did (even though i didn't hear of him yet) after I changed subjects and studied animation i see this medium also disappears , thanks to that horrible CGI taking over. but i'm getting of track.

as far s i know their is only one book about the art of Earl Oliver Hurst. the only other source of Hurst art i found are Shane Glines sites and ASIF animation archive

the book is called simply "The Art of Earl Oliver Hurst"
just after i bought it from Amazon, it disappeared, and is no longer available in amazon.

so here are some pics from the book

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