Thursday, January 26, 2012


this is an Artist i really like
Dirk Erik Schulz, who calls himself Themrock
here's his DeviantArt page:
that's his online comics:

and here are some of his works

Where's Dennis?

Where's Dennis? The Magazine Cartoon Art of Hank Ketcham

this is one of my favorite books
here's my review on the parka forum i mentioned in the previous post:

and now for some pics:

Parka Blogs

first issue i'd like to promote is Parka Blogs

this dude from Singapore who calls him self Parka reviews tons of different art books 
an important thing to any one who buys art books, which are a very good source of artistic inspiration

so here is the link

their is also a forum

in the forum any one can post artbooks reviews himself
the best is Parka rewords people who review books
every month he gives a prize of 40$ worth of art books in amazon to one review
i have won twice already.
considering the fact borrowed the first art book i reviewed I borrowed from a library (the library of Bezalel art and design academy) and the second prize i got for a review on an art book i bought with the first prize... meaning i got 80$ worth of art books for free... 
any way you help others get info on books and get something in return...

here ends my first post for the blog

coming next:

Where's Dennis: the art of Hank Ketcham

talk about my inspiration

This Blog is dedicated to my Artistic Inspiration
so this blog is going to feature a whole loot of staff.
that's all folks